Superheroes at the Movies / 20 Awkward Moments Every Superhero Can Relate To

14 Mar 2021
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14 Ways to Get What You Want from Your Parents! Smart Hacks and Ideas for Kids!:
Anyone can get into an awkward situation and make others laugh. Even a superhero!
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  • I love they say flash boy

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  • Hey troom troom could you do a video with the scarlet witch i know you did quicksilver on one of your channels so could you please do the scarlet witch please 😭🙏🏼

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  • I like all of them but thor is my favorite

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  • Mouth of anxiety

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  • Not spiderboy spiderman

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  • ant man not ant boy

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  • Antman cant even eat with this mask

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  • I've seen genocides funnier than this.

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  • its not ant boy its ant man

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